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The four one one, on the 4 1 1

We have gathered a flock of like‑minded, digitally driven individuals whose passion lies in design and digital marketing.
By harnessing an insatiable appetite for storytelling, along with our collective skillset, we have established a full-service digital marketing agency.
We are the 411.

Our uniquely-abled digital-doers

We are passionate brand storytellers with big company ability and small company agility. Our talented team of collaborators consists of designers, illustrators, videographers, wordsmiths and creative curators.
Meet them below.

Excelling at digital is our millennial birthright

By staying on top of digital developments and online trends we communicate more effectively, helping our clients reach distracted audiences in a plugged-in world.  
Our services include (but are not limited to):

Adapt Your Life

"Having started a US-based company three years ago, I've worked with multiple media companies. What I love about 411 is the team dynamic. We've fostered a relationship that allows us to work together to create a progressive, positive outcome. They are willing to understand our needs, conduct research and implement solutions. In this fast-evolving field, you need a team that remains current and on top of their game."

Glen Finkel

Switch Playground

"411 agency, are a group of truly passionate, highly talented people. I had this team on board with me doing the marketing for my startup in South Africa and can only commend them on dedication and constant support. After relocating to New York to launch my brand there as well, 411 continued to control the marketing and social media across continents. I have never dealt with an agency who was available 24/7 to assist across time zones and attend to urgent matters irrespective of time or day of the week."

Steve Uria


"411 Agency, where to begin? A very strong team of creatives. We've worked together on a number of projects and their meticulous attention to detail is what makes working with them the biggest pleasure."

Craig Stack