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500MB business fibre line? Check. Asus 144hz monitors? Check. Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU with 16GB ram? Check. Full RGB corsair peripherals? Check. Corsair T1 race seats? Check. There's a reason why their tagline is 'Play Seriously'. We’d been working with ATK Arena since its inception, building the brand from logo mark to marketing strategy, humbler beginnings when it was still ATK Shack. It was already cool back then but the newer, bigger, better version had

On 21 June, Instagram unleashed IGTV on the world, getting us all excited and thinking ‘uh-oh YouTube, these guys are coming for you!’ As if they’d been given warning and without a moment’s hesitation, brands hopped on the bandwagon and started playing the IGTV game with verve and vigour. Fashion house Louis Vuitton released their 12 minute Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 fashion show and it was something glorious to behold. Buzzfeed, who have been creating content for

In a not-so-far-away place, not so long ago, a couple of kids formed a collective. With a penchant for uncurbed creative and a fresh take on big corporate culture, they set out to ditch their suits and do things differently. And so the 411 Agency was born. Today, the 411 is a tight-knit, multi-skilled team with big agency ability and small agency agility. Without the systems and processes that control big agencies, they have the