Video on Instagram has been around for exactly 5 years, today. We’ve all enjoyed the time lapse of a beautiful work of art magically appear in front of your eyes within 60 seconds…but then it’s back to frame 1, back to restart, back to blank canvas. Annoying, right? We’ve all fallen into the music video trap as well: you’re listening to the song progress, and just as it drops into the catchiest part, we’re back at the start. With video consumption at an all time high, how does a platform like Instagram adapt?

The way we consume video has changed; television is dying. According to Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, 40% of teens are watching less television than they did 5 years ago, whereas 60% of teens are watching more videos on Instagram than they did 1 year ago.


With those facts staring you in the face, the solution seems obvious (and equally brilliant): Instagram TV. A mobile first, the app is optimised for vertical video, the way we naturally hold our phones.


But this begs the question: If YouTube is Cats and Facebook is Memes, what is Instagram? Makeup videos? Fitness videos? Adventure videos? Gaming Videos? A new wave of Instagram-unique content is here. We’re excited to see how brands, both corporate and influencers alike, adapt to these changes.

To content creators the world over, camera starts rolling in 3… 2…


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