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If we ain’t moving with the times, we’re getting left behind. This was the gist of our last “Open Your Mind Grapes” (#OYMG*) session. This particular session focused on staying relevant in the wonderful (and ever-changing) world of marketing.


For #OYMG Vol.3 we listened to a Michael Stelzner [CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner] podcast. He interviews renowned author Mark Schaefer [co-host of Marketing Companion podcast] on his new book, Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins. It blew our mind grapes! “What consumers want, how they discover products, how they interact, how they share, and what they expect from companies has changed,” he writes. He goes on to explain that marketers don’t control marketing anymore. According to him, consumers now have the power. If you’re a stats person, click over here.


Consumers no longer trust faceless marketers. They trust friends and family and influencers they can identify with. They are tired of being bombarded by marketing. His points are simple, nothing too foreign. Surely we know this stuff? Or were we so busy playing the marketing game, trying to ‘out-market’ each other, that we didn’t realise that nobody’s even listening anymore? How much do we hate the 5 seconds of every Youtube ad we are forced to watch? How annoying are ‘subscribe’ pop-ups when visiting a site? Who doesn’t have an ad blocker? All that everyone wants is to block out the commotion that is marketing.


So what do consumers want, Mark’s research shows that there are 5 common truths to guide us back to human-centered marketing:


  1. People want to belong.
  2. People want to be respected.
  3. People want to be loved.
  4. People want to protect their self-respect.
  5. People want to find meaning in their lives.


As marketers, we have to stop talking about ourselves. Hard, right? After all, consumers have heard it all. And now they want us to start listening to them. It’s up to us as marketers to change our mindsets and our communication. We’ve got to apply the 5 common truths in human-centred marketing and make it about them, the consumers. We need to start including the consumer, asking questions and acknowledging their feedback.


May the most human company win!


*#OYMG stands for Open Your Mind Grapes, our weekly discussion-based internal agency workshops.

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