500MB business fibre line? Check. Asus 144hz monitors? Check. Nvidia 1080 Ti GPU with 16GB ram? Check. Full RGB corsair peripherals? Check. Corsair T1 race seats? Check.

There’s a reason why their tagline is ‘Play Seriously’.

We’d been working with ATK Arena since its inception, building the brand from logo mark to marketing strategy, humbler beginnings when it was still ATK Shack. It was already cool back then but the newer, bigger, better version had us all feeling like a sleuth of proud mama and papa bears. Version 2.0, yes please!

It’s at least six times as big as the original shop, has four times more screens (from 14 to 59, excluding the streaming room and SIM racing rigs), has a very comfortable lounge, a bar and coffee shop, a stage and casting podium, and its very own gym, ATK Fit, right upstairs. Oh yeah, and the massive glass windows that surround the building let in the most amazing natural light, perfect for between game selfies.


The partners, affiliates and sponsored teams each had their turn to take to the podium. Cosplay characters Cashmere Tart and Kombo Katjie were dressed to impress. And then, of course, the MC for the night was none other than YouTube marketer, gaming guru and self-proclaimed professional geek Grant Hinds.

ATK Arena, a first of its kind in Africa, is a world-class facility that really pushes the envelope. It is something that the gaming scene was and is in desperate need of, a huge step for our local community of gamers and a project we are extremely proud to be a part of. Talk about levelling up.

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