THE 4 – 1 – WHO?

In a not-so-far-away place, not so long ago, a couple of kids formed a collective. With a penchant for uncurbed creative and a fresh take on big corporate culture, they set out to ditch their suits and do things differently. And so the 411 Agency was born.

Today, the 411 is a tight-knit, multi-skilled team with big agency ability and small agency agility. Without the systems and processes that control big agencies, they have the freedom and finesse to think and act on their feet, a can-do attitude backed by results. The team has created an environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork in which their creativity thrives. This culture of camaraderie between coworkers and collaborators trickles down to their client relationships, too.

Captain of the crew, James has successfully navigated the ship 411  to and through its one-year milestone, comfortably docked just outside of the Cape Town CBD. Previously having kept relatively under the radar, they have refined their product and are ready to fly their flag high and proud.

And what does Cpt. James have to say about the success and rapid growth? “Yes, we’re the new kids on the block but what we lack in years, we make up with in passion, determination and product.”

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